Tuesday, December 29, 2009

March, 2010?

Hello, I hope that this post finds everyone in great spirits and thoroughly enjoying the holiday season!

Today I took a big step towards surgery - I called and made yet another appointment with my beloved psychologist.

Tell me what you all think:

I am an accountant, I thrive off of deadlines. Part of my extreme frustration with this whole process is that it there are no time lines in place. Meeting with the psychologist has been going smoothly - since last September. Ultimately what I want to know is when I can realistically plan on having surgery. I started this whole process back in April 2009; I never thought it would take so long to get approved. So when I go to my next appointment this is my plan... I am going to be completely honest with my doctor (like I have always been) and let her know that I want to be able to be ready for surgery by the end of March. I will do whatever it takes from now until March to prepare myself for surgery. March is a great time of year for me because I will be finishing up the yearend audit for the hospital and still just writing my thesis. It is wrong for me to approach the process like this? What do you guys think? I don’t want to put tons of pressure on the appointments with my doctor but I do want to see progress being made.

Any advice from more experiences WLSers?

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  1. I totally understand the deadline thing! It is hard to be expected to diet for something that you don't really know if it will actually happen. I met my team in may and they asked me to diet seriously pre-insurance approval and everything. I didn't and enjoyed a summer full of vacations and eating. But, once I was approved and scheduled I pulled it together and lost about 30 lbs to prepare for surgery. Once I had an approval and a date, it was easy to plan and follow the guidelines.