Sunday, December 13, 2009

Difference of Opinions

Wow, I can't believe it has been a month since my first entry. Sorry! My initial thought when starting this blog was to do this on a weekly basis but I have been busy getting ready for the Holidays, doing family stuff and trying to get my Master's thesis approved. Phew!

So here is an update:

Shortly after my last entry, I had a meeting with my psychologist. Now don't get me wrong I do find meeting with her beneficial; however, at this appointment I spoke with her about where we were currently standing and what the plan was. It was during this appointment that she informed me she didn’t realize that I was "serious" about surgery... Excuse me?! I can't believe she thought that. All I remember thinking was to myself was, "I am sorry but if I were not 100% committed to this process, I wouldn't be driving 2 hours every week to meet with you." I was in awe, when did we go in separate directions? The remaining time of that appointment was spent trying to find out where the disconnect was and what I needed to do in order to meet her criteria for surgery. After 1.5 hours, we finally figured out that there were two things she thought that I needed to focus on. 1.) Eating my meals at regularly scheduled times 2.) Work on self-value/self-neglect issues... Even though I get direction from her, I left that appointment in tears. All I want is for this surgery to take place so that I can focus on becoming the "new me." You could ask anyone in my life whether they thought I was ready for surgery and they would say yes. I believe part of the problem is that I started to see her far too late in the surgery preparation process. She has only seen the improvements that I have made since September, not the changes that have taken since April. Part of me feels that I screwed myself over when I choose to go this route. No one else going through this program has heard of her.

So regardless after that appointment I decided that I would spend the next 3 weeks going about life as usual and completing my food journals. At my next appointment, which happened 4 days ago, I brought in my food journals and acted as if I was fine. After 10 minutes she asked me "What's wrong? Why are you so upset?" Well, again we began discussing the fact that we have 2 different opinions of where I am standing in the approval process. She told me that she understood my frustration and she only wants the best for me. Really? I asked her flat out, "Do you know what it is like to be 300+ lbs? Do you know what it feels like to want to change your life but yet not understanding what you need to do to get there?" She said no but told me that she only wanted what was best for me. She just wants me to succeed.

So here is where I am at....

I am so frustrated that I question what I need to do. Do I really want to follow through with this psychologist…with this surgery? When I left my last appointment I told her to cancel all upcoming appointments because I needed to figure things out. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. My dilemma is that I am now coming to a time in my life where I don't know if I will literally have the time to have surgery. As an accountant, the first quarter of the year is crazy busy. Also, I am writing my thesis and trying to obtain my nursing home licensure - both have to be done by June. When would I seriously have time to have surgery? It pains me inside to think that I need to live my life like this, aka FAT, for another 6-8 months, but that seems to be the reality. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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