Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time to get serious

Over the weekend I realized something…I am not ready to give up this fight.

As much as it hurts my pride to say this, my psychologist is right, I am not ready to have surgery. My lack of preparation is no one’s fault but my own; I haven’t been giving it my all. Surprisingly enough, I feel this is the case in most aspect of my life; I have so much going on that I am just struggling to stay afloat. I need to remember that while I may have a lot going on, God won’t give me any more than I can handle.

So the plan is this. From this moment I am committing myself - mind, body and soul, to preparing myself for surgery. I will complete food journals as needed and I will focus on making changes to my life that will prepare me for the changes that come with have surgery. With that said, I think I will also need to apply these same principles to other aspects of my life. My whole life, especially in school, I have never challenged myself. I have accepted being “average.” Well no more…I am not an average person, I am so much more than that.

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  1. Oh wow! You sound like me. School included as I proscrastinate and half ass most things. I started my journey in May of this year and since my date was so far out I put of the diet and put off the diet and finally I had to get real. If you don't lose some weight, they won't let you have surgery and even if they did you are making it more dangerous for yourself. Well that thought scared me into action. We can't change over night, but now that surgery is upon me... I know I am 100% committed to the rules and OH BOY there are lots of them. I am glad you're waiting until you feel ready to jump in head first. That choice will make you a success!